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1997 ESP James Hetfield JH-1 Flying V Metallica Guitar jh 1 kh het kirk lars

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james hetfield

 signature series






i started collecting guitars years andyears ago.  some might laugh, but i gotinto collecting with my first serious guitar which was an esp kh-3 kirk hammettneck thru model.  i know, i know, mostcollectors are thought of as having $50,000.00usd stratocasters and lespauls.   im not ashamed to admit i am arabid metallica fan.  years ago i nevercould have imagined i could own the guitar you see below.  it was definitely out of my price range andthats only if you could find one.  wellhear this:  dreams can come true and toprove it, i have owned seven 1997 jh-1 hotrod esps -- #101, #111, #128,  #129, #180, #181 and this one -- #154 offeredto some other lucky metallica freak on this planet.


this auction is formy excellent condition 1997 esp james hetfield jh-1 hotrod flying v guitarcomplete with original esp jaymz hard shell caseand james hetfield signed certificate of authenticity.  if you dont rememberthe number, its 200!  esp made only 200of these back in 1997.  ahh  the loaddays and the garage, inc. days.  rememberthat?  metallica put out their firstalbum since the black album and all had short hair.  the world went crazy.  called them sell outs and posers and whatevernasty word you can think of.  well so beit.  metallica is still the premiereheavy metal band of the 80s, 90s, 00s and even 10s.   dont believe me?  you cant have a conversation about any heavyband without someone comparing them to (guess who?) metallica.


short haired metallica.  who ever would have thought?  jaymz on his jh-1 and kirk in the background on his kh-3.  great live shot from that era.  i saw that tour.  seems like yesterday.  how the time does fly.


enough history, lets get to theguitar.  amazing!  absolutely amazing.  imagine you woke up this morning and it was1997.  you went to your local guitar shopand found out esp had just released the first of many james hetfield signatureseries and there it was hanging on the wall. this guitar.   the finish andshine on this guitar are as-new as you will find on a black esp.  if you have ever owned a hanneman, kh seriesor jh series, you know the black esp finish is stunning but easily swirls upwhen you polish it time after time.  i amcertainly not the be-all, end-all of esp guitars or metallica signatures   but ihave owned dozens of kh and jh signatures. this is one of the cleanest jh-1s you will find on the planet.  the plastic is still on the rear accesscover. 



this one does not have the esp swirl marks!!  this is a case queen, bought by a collectorand kept as a collector!  i state myreputation on that!  it has been fifteen years and these are getting harder and harder to find in this type of condition with the jaymz case and certificate signed by james hetfield 4/30/1997. 



what is the perfect holiday gift for the metallica fan that thought they had everything??


every jh-1 i have owned that had a coawas signed and dated april 30, 1997.   i guess thats the day either papa het visitedesp or mailed them back to the factory signed (maybe at his kitchentable??)  any way, this one is alsosigned on april 30, 1997.  it matchesevery single other coa i have had on a jh-1 so i know darn well it is the realthing.  pen, writing, signature style, date and even the right heavy stock paper.


there is one blemish on this guitar thati can find and it is due to good old father time.  not papa het---father time.  it is a small clear coat crack from the neckpocket.  i put a photograph of it abovewith the tip of a pen.  it is only on theone side, not both.  there is nothingelse i can tell you about this jh-1 other than it is pretty frickinminty.  wow!!

i love the raw fan video.  this is the load tour--back in philadelphia, pa 1997.  james and the boys pounding out battery and papa het is using not his green flame v, but his jh-1 identical to the one in this auction.  the certificate signed in ink by james says made to artist specifications.  i have no reason to doubt the one he's playing is made exactly as the one in this auction.  good enough for jaymz???!!!  you better believe it's good enough for me.  enjoy!


the v tips have no chips ! !   nobuckle rash!!  no scratches!!


even the two fins on the lowerheadstock have no chips.  this is anexcellent, collector quality jh-1.   the tips of the flying v are spotless with nodamage!  that alone is a rare andexciting point.  brand new guitarsknocking into each other at your local guitar shop can have more marks thenthis 15 year old metallica collectible.  fifteen years old??? i remember when thesecame out.



i thought i would bury a nice videofor my fellow metallica fans to watch.   this is a rare scene, indeed.  james usually played his green jh-1 flameguitar.  for those of you that always seephotos of the green flame, esp made that for james and not the public.   this fan video of battery, one of mypersonal favorites, shows papa het rocking an esp jh-1 hot rod flame.  if you read the official jh-1 coa i havepictured above, the jh-1 guitar was designed to meet the artistsspecifications.  what you see jamesplaying in the video is a jh-1.  same onein this auction.  good enough forjaymz??? you better believe its good enough for me.   




guitar will be packaged safely andsecurely in its esp hardshell case.  thisis also a special esp jh-1 case.  it hasthe jaymz plague on the front signifying it is the jh-1 signature case.   priceshave been rising over the last 8 months. this jh-1 is priced to move into a newhome.  some lucky metallica fan is goingto score.  this guitar is for a die hard,serious metallica collector/fan.  it hasbeen 15 years since these came out.  itis getting harder and harder and harder to find one like this.  minty with jaymz case *and* the certificateof authenticity.  grab it while you can!! 




invest ina valuable piece of music history



thisguitar has never seen a barroom stage or a stadium tour, but let me assure youit is a wild time to play.  pleasecontact me with any questions and i will answer them to the best of my ability.  i work fairly with any serious buyer.


lay-awayplan: theguitars and basses i collect are unique and do not become available veryoften.  if youre a little short rightnow, take advantage of my 30 day lay-awayplan.  nomatter where on earth you live, i will hold this item for you.  requirements are simple: 15on-refundabledeposit due immediately and a 5ay away fee will be added to your purchase.  i do everything in my power to work withserious buyers to put a deal together.




to the four horsemen,


i ask with all my metallica signature series guitars thatyou contact me.  if you guys agree toautograph this guitar, i will end this auction immediately and create a new onewith 100roceeds to a childrens charity we can agree on.  i seek no compensation.  i live 15 minutes from nyc and would gladlytake the trip.  a few minutes of yourtime and this guitar would raise a s*** load  of money. make me pay!  do the right thingand sign it!!









most of my guitars get shipped internationally.  if you live on this planet, i will get thisguitar to you!  please contact me priorto bidding with your *postal code* for pricing.


read my feedback and bid worldwidewith confidence.


good luck!


shipping:  for my friends in every country outside the united states.  i have chosen express global 3-5 business day service which is the absolute safest and most economical for a guitar of this value.  this is not economy shipping.  this is the real thing to keep your jh-1 safe!