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ESP/LTD Grynch - James Hetfield Signatue Model

  •    ONLY: $2300.00

absolutely mint!

esp/ltd grynch - james hetfield signatue model

up for sale is this awesome, green flame esp/ltd grynch!

the guitar has only been played a handfull of times, and has spent the rest of the time safely stored in it's case and in a climate controlled studio environment. 

the instrument comes with it's original case and accessories, including the coa with james hetfield's signature!

as you may already know, this guitar is not easy to come by, and is a true heavy metal gem, especially if you are a big metallica fan! the tone of this guitar is just earth shattering, especially since it's a baritone, and if heavy isn't heavy enough, there's always the active boost toggle to give you more! 
the guitar looks stunning, and it is absolutely flawless, with not a single mark on it, not even the slightest. regulations are the only thing keeping me from listing it as brand new. the paintjob is really something special, and even better looking under direct lighting. 
grab this guitar, and you will not be dissapointed!

using the bin option will earn you free international shipping(fully insured)!

for more information or if you have any questions, please contact me, and i will respond as quickly as possible!      this is a private sale - no returns, no refunds!

good luck and have fun shopping!

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