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JAMES HETFIELD Mini POSTER / magazine Pin Up uk RARE #31 Metallica

  •    ONLY: $4.95


rare and out of print. perfect for framing

page from a magazine. this is a page taken directly from out of a european magazine.

page de revue, pagina de revista, zeitschrift-seite, rivista pagina,

size is small, approx a4

you must be able to understand my description & please read it in full.

mini poster / pin up / clipping - size is small, one page (a4), = approx 22x30 centimeters or that's 8.5x12 inches, sizes are approx as i have over 30,000 items in stock.

item is original - it is not a copy - this item is also in perfect condition, lovely quality image - shipped in a board backed envelope

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